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About Cobi_01

About COBI

Confederation of Bahadurgarh Industries (COBI) is registered as a Society to provide a common platform to all the Industries in the Jhajjar District of Haryana. It is a Non-profit Organisation working for the welfare and development of the industries running in different industrial areas of the Jhajjar district of Haryana through its Advisory and Advocacy Role. This confederation wishes to work at the grass-root level to support the Industries and link the various Government agencies and industries. The motive of COBI is to take care of the grievances so that all the troubles of the Industrialists could reach the appropriate Government Department. All the schemes and facilities launched by the Central/ State Government could reach the ultimate beneficiaries. COBI organises Regular interactions, Seminars, and Conferences to allow healthy and constructive discussions between various agencies of the Government and Industrialists to sort out the communication gap and solve the problems at the grass-root level required for the Nation’s progress as a whole.

As a true representative of the Industries of the Jhajjar District of Haryana, with a large membership base and other direct and indirect members, COBI has strong linkages, which work together to promote industry, trade, and entrepreneurship. With its continuous correspondence with the Govt. departments, COBI ensures to work for the development & welfare of the industries of the Jhajjar district.